Jan 9, 2011

Gadis Kota

Men want their genitals touched at any time, unlike women. If you want to have you woman achieve orgasm fast, you need to be patient and maintain an open mind.

If you want your woman to orgasm, let her stop worrying and help her to relax. Put her at ease. An incense stick or a candle can do wonders. One she has relaxed somewhat, start with hugging, kissing, stroking, and nuzzling. Let her relax so she can enjoy herself.
Most women find it difficult to climax on intercourse alone. Most men also do their act, have their own orgasms, and just roll over way ahead of a woman climaxing. Thus, it's best to stimulate her clitoris before and during intercourse to help her reach orgasm while you're inside her. The first two inches of a woman's vaginal canal are highly sensitive. Also choose sexual positions that turn her on. Try different positions that can turn on both of you.
A lot of women climax through clitoral stimulation as the clitoris is highly sensitive, more sensitive than your fingertip. To get the best out of stimulation, use your tongue rather than your fingers. Your tongue is more sensitive and softer than your fingertips. Experiment with various levelsof stroke, speed and pressure.