Feb 9, 2011

Gadis Beraksi

Having the hottest great sex starts by using enormous sex techniques. If you stay tuned long enough to this article you'll find the best doable way to bring your lover the best orgasm experience she has been aching for.

You could be a sex god on bed if you're able to use these proven great sex techniques and best sex positions that can bring more pleasure to your girl.

1. Let's start together with among the most potent positions to give women orgasms. It's called the reverse cowgirl. Lay down on your back provided that your lover ride on you with her back facing you. Following that, help her to lie her back on your body. Check this out, you can begin enter her with you control the penetration frequency and depth and strength or let her control the entire thing while you playing with her body using your free hand or small vibrator on her clitoris, I am able to guarantee she will hit her superb climax in minimal time!

2. Another position which is great for helping women get maximum pleasure is using a different version of the missionary position. What you should do is to have her legs spread out so you can have enough space to free up your hands to massage her clitoris. Time the speed of your thrusts with the similar tempo you are using to massage her.

3. One more great sex technique you need to be using is mixing everything up. Do not always have sex in the bedroom. The furniture in the house may be used as a playground and can give her new sensations. Try sitting down on a chair and have her get on top of you facing away from you. It's going to be quite intimating and it frees your hands up to work your magic.