Feb 12, 2011


Kuat Nafsu
Gadis KUNAF our all have our flaws, habits that probably need changing, or things about ourselves that could do with an overhaul. When what you are feeling is you don't see any of the imperfections, or if you do you are able to overlook them because you are so much in love. There will come a point when you will notice all these things, but hopefully by that time you will have come to love the person for who they are, and not who you want them to be.

Gadis KUNAF know what you are feeling is love, when the deep feelings that you have for your partner are reciprocated and you are able to tell each other just how much you love them. You can talk about nothing for hours at a time or be happy just being in a companionable silence. You become concerned for their well-being and their happiness is your number one priority.

So, how to know what you are feeling is love? You just know. If you are still early in your relationship then you might have the first flickers of love, but it takes time for love to develop and grow. If you have been long enough together to build a close, deep friendship where you are comfortable being with each other and where you have come to know each other, where you can see a future stretching down the years, and when your partner is the first person that you turn to, then, I think that you can say that what you have is love.